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MVD Spearfishing USA

MVD RAM Inverted Roller Muzzle

MVD RAM Inverted Roller Muzzle

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  • Made using a special injection molding technique and contains 32.7% carbon that makes it both stronger and lighter.
  • Manufactured with the with one of the world's most advanced CNC / CAD Programming software that offers detailed stages of analysis during design.
  • Produced in many different offsets to suit the needs of each user.
  • Unique top-of-the-line protective “arch” above the rollers to avoid the entanglement of the shaft line while at the same time, making sure the line doesn’t come in contact with the rollers during use.
  • An exceptional design that offers solutions to common problems in similar situations, not found anywhere else.
  • Easy line rigging by the user while in the water. Built-in robust reel line point.
  • Designed to fit many guns on the market.
  • Metal parts (central axis, screws, and washers) from Inox 316 Marine.
  • Self-lubricating Teflon washers used behind the rollers that eliminate friction.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Total Quality Control.
  • Real-time tested

Can be purchased as kit or just muzzle if you have other ways of setting up


Invert Roller RAM (new features) vs Invert Roller G3


There is no friction between the line and dyneema, resulting in a quieter shot.

The geometry has been redesigned in terms of the roller position and layout that minimizes friction between the invert pulleys and the barrel.

This allows the user to have an extra pretension (up to 10%) that increases the overall force of the shot relative to the previous series.

The new position of the dyneema stopper is found at the rear of the head offering a parallel and accurate thrust of the shaft in relation to the barrel, minimizing all friction

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